My bucket list

I want to steer in a different direction with my post today, and share with y’all a few things included on my bucket list!!!


I know you’re sitting there thinking “this girl is crazy, no way.” But I just want to make the most out of my life and experience everything I have the chance to!!! I know once I get up in the plane and it’s time for me to jump, I’ll be regretting my adrenaline-taking-over decision but I’ll probably have my dad next to me to push me out, seeing as he’s the only one with guts like me in the fam. (Thanks dad)

Safari 🐘

Well, if you know me personally, you know I am in love with elephants. Elephants are my all time favorite. They are such beautiful creatures of God! They are extremely smart, having the largest brain of all land animals. They show empathy, mourn their dead, understand human body language,  have an extrordinary memory, and they connect with humans on a different level, a personal level. They are among the smartest animals on the planet. And for that I have to see them in their natural habitat and fawn over their beauty. And not only elephants, but all of the wild animals in their home!!!

Intently visit every continent

I think it is so important to see cultures and surroundings different from your own. That’s how you learn and grow. I want to observe and explore people from different countries daily lives and task and how they react with one another. What foods they eat. What clothes they wear. Do they have access to the heaven sent food we call Chick-fil-A??

Change someone’s life

One day I want to meet someone and be able to have such an impact on them, that I change their whole life around. I want to find someone so broken and lonely, that needs a friend and I want to show them a light in their dark world. I want to show them Jesus Christ. For those of you reading, think of it like this: every single person has a candle inside of them waiting to be lit. And as believers, it’s our job to find those people with no light, and make their candle burn. Find those people with their candle barely flickering, and add more fire to it. It all starts with us!!!
Open my own bridal boutique or wedding planning business 

I’m a fashion merchandising major with a minor in business. I’ve always loved to watch “say yes to the dress” and been fascinated with all things wedding!!! The idea of two different lives combining into one. To have a forever companionship. It’s just all so intriguing and I want to help people’s dream of a wedding come true. It would be such a dream of mine to open up my own personal bridal boutique where I can cater to all women in need of a beautiful gown for their special day. I also would love to have my own wedding planning business! I mean, how amazing would it be to contribute to the happiness of the bride by making her special day even more perfect! That’s all I could ever want.

Visit all 50 states

I’ve only been to 4 out of the 50 states and that just doesn’t sit right with me. There’s so much to see out there in the world, so might as well start with my own country. I definitely have FOMO (fear of missing out) so this just won’t do. I want to go and see, I don’t want to sit and watch. Who’s up for an across country road trip!!!

Learn to play the ukulele

I’ve always want to be musically talented, but I definitely wasn’t given that gift. With that said, I’ve heard the ukulele isn’t too hard to learn and I would like to have that skill in my back pocket just in case anyone ever needs someone to be the entertainment for their various events 😉

Write my own book

Even though this is a long shot and I will probably never make it past chapter 1, I would love to try and pour out my heart into a story. A heart-wrenching fiction for readers young, old, male, or female. Who knows if that’ll ever happen but stay tuned.
Thanks for reading all of my crazy fantasies!!! If I listed all of them, you’d be here all day so there’s just a taste of my craving to see MORE and do MORE.

*Comment and share some of the things on your bucket list, I would love to hear about it!


3 thoughts on “My bucket list

  1. I enjoyed reading your list. It would be interesting to save the list and review it again at age 30. See if anything has changed and what’s been accomplished. Keep dreaming and setting goals as Habakkuk 2:2 says “write the vision and make it plain so that (s)he who reads may run with it.”

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  2. I love that you’ve made this post for two reasons. The first is because a bucket list is a goal to accomplish before your time is up and until you write your goals down they are just an idea. So congratulations on making your ideas more permanent. Secondly your not crazy you are courageous and thats definitely inspiring to others i wish i had the guts to sky dive. Unfortunately its a no go for me lol but your dreams of opening a bridal shop and writing a book I can connect with you on. I say take the next step and make ur goals happen. I agree with Katherine about seeing how much youve accomplished in a few years and dont forget to share with us on your blog when u do. I’m rooting for you and cant wait to read about it.

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