So today I want to share with y’all that life goes on. Life goes on past the failures, past the breakups, past the bad grades, past the sadness. Tomorrow is a new day to wake up with a better attitude for a better day. If I’ve learned anything during all of my sad times, it’s that my sadness is not permanent. It’s actually a really cool concept that if you’ve had a horrible no good very bad day, the next day is a completely new clean slate for you to start over on. A new day with new experiences, new people, new blessings, a new attitude, a new smile. One of my favorite quotes ever is “if it’s raining, look for a rainbow and if it’s dark outside, look at the stars.” Even during your bad days, it is so important that you look at the big picture and how many things you have in your life to be happy about. How many blessings you have instead of how many you don’t. It is more than okay to have bad days, but on those days just stop and thank God for all in your life that brings you joy. You are so important and loved. Tomorrow is a new day so make it a good day!!!


4 thoughts on “Tomorrow

  1. A lot of truth in this post. I can totally relate. There was a time when I thought my bad days would last forever. But the sun always comes back up.


  2. I find myself bringing yesterday with me some days. This concept believe it or not isnt always so easy. I agree with you 100%. We have to remember to leave the past behind us and focus on the future. Your very inspirational. I look forward to reading more from you.

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